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Marvel's Avengers Assemble - Season 3 Episode 9

When townspeople are transformed into primitive creatures, the Avengers attempt to help them by putting themselves into conflict with the Inhumans!

Episode: 9/26 eps

Duration: 23 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.1

Season 3 - Marvel's Avengers Assemble
"The Avengers meet the Scientist Supreme and his new Adaptoids."
"Ultron returns with a scheme to replace humanity with robots known as Ultimates."
"Captain America battles to rescue Bucky from Baron Zemo."
"Hawkeye must defend the Avengers Tower from Baron Zemo who has taken the Masters of Evil members Beetle, Fixer, Goliath, Moonstone, and Screaming Mimi under his leadership."
"The Avengers fight to stop Justin Hammer's new weapons factories, but are both helped and hindered by a mysterious new team of heroes known as the Thunderbolts ever since they helped to stop the stimuloid Growing Man."
"Still suspicious about the Thunderbolts following a fight with Ulysses Klaue, Hawkeye spies on them and discovers that they are actually Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil, using a device they stole from Stark Industries to disguise themselves in a plot to outshine the Avengers. When Hawkeye tells the other Avengers about this, the rest of the Thunderbolts must decide on whether they should continue to work with Zemo or help the Avengers stop him."
"Doctor Strange needs the Avengers' help when Dormammu steals the Eye of Agamotto."
"Stark Industries is attacked by thieves who somehow remove almost all gamma radiation from Hulk... leaving Dr. Bruce Banner searching for a place on the team."
"When townspeople are transformed into primitive creatures, the Avengers attempt to help them by putting themselves into conflict with the Inhumans!"
"The Avengers must team up with the Inhumans to stop their old foe, Ultron, who plans to unleash a dangerous weapon upon Earth."
"Captain America and Iron Man must partner with new and young Inhumans - Inferno and Ms. Marvel - to stop another Inhuman, The Ghost, from stealing Friday."
"The Avengers try to stop AIM from stealing high-tech weapons from the future, which attracts the attention of the 30th Century warlord - Kang the Conqueror!"
"Trapped in the 30th Century, the Avengers must beat evil warlord Kang the Conqueror and get back to their own time."
"Black Widow comes face-to-face with Yelena Belova, who in her determination to create the ultimate weapon turns Hulk in the Winter Hulk."
"Thor teaches the Vision the value of friendship by taking him to Asgard where together they must fight an Ultron-controlled Destroyer."
"The Avengers join Captain Marvel in a fight to stop a powerful sentient spaceship from destroying Earth."
"Speaking before The General Assembly of The United Nations, Black Panther is targeted by Crossbones... and has issue with Captain America's possession of vibranium!"
"On the set of a superhero motion picture, the Avengers team up with Ant-Man to stop the madman Egghead from destroying Los Angeles."
"Baron Zemo returns to target the Avengers alongside his father, whom he's brought back from the 1940's."
"The team battles a new super-villain, the U-Foes, while the arrival of a new government liaison threatens Hulk's place on the team."
"The Avengers alongside their new teammate, the Red Hulk, must stop the Leader from building and unleashing his secret weapon."
"An out of control Red Hulk threatens to destroy a town and it is up to the Avengers to stop him."
"The Avengers must stop Maximus from wreaking havoc in Attilan and causing its citizens to lose control of their powers."
"With the Avengers disbanded, a new team - the Mighty Avengers - steps in to take their place."
"When the Inhumans are mind-controlled into attacking innocent humans, the Avengers must find a way to override their control and end the war."
"The Avengers, old and new, must find a way to free the Inhumans and the world from Ultron's control."
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