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60 Minutes - Season 50 Episode 33

"The Rockford File" goes to an Illinois town to investigate why prescription drug costs are so high in the United States. 'Orphans of War" looks at efforts to assist orphans from the conflict in Syria. "Into the Wild" profiles wildlife photographer Thomas Mangelsen.

Episode: 33/29 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1968

IMDb: 7.6

Season 50 - 60 Minutes
"Hurricane Harvey: A fluke or the future? Then, Sen. John McCain fights back; and, is the U.S. still a nation divided? Oprah Winfrey reports."
"Rep. Steve Scalise on surviving: \"It's a miracle,\" then, spectacular revelations courtesy of Hubble; and, will Christian Pulisic be the next big name in soccer?"
"Officers describe storming Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's hotel room; Facebook ads, Russia and the Trump campaign's secret weapon; Shake Shack founder on changing the way restaurants do business."
"Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress; Meet a convicted felon who became a Georgetown law professor."
"\"Inside Al Qaeda\" interviews an FBI undercover agent who infiltrated Al Qaeda and helped thwart several terrorist attacks. \"Pelican Bay\" investigates reforms at the the notorious Pelican Bay Prison in California. \"Corkscrewed\" looks at an effort by a billionaire to investigate fraud in the rare wine business."
"North Korea's nuclear program; The Emir of Qatar; and Adolfo Kaminsky, who created fake identity documents that saved thousands of Jews in France from the Nazis during WWII."
"\"Puerto Rico\" goes to the U.S. territory to examine the lingering effects of Hurricane Maria. \"The Leaning Tower of San Francisco\" looks at how the Millennium Tower one of the city's most expensive residential high rises is sinking and leaning to one side. \"Alma\" profiles a twelve-year-old music prodigy."
"\"Friendly Fire\" interviews three former U.S. soldiers who are disputing an official report that blames human error for a friendly fire accident that killed six people on a secret mission in Afghanistan. \"Aly Raisman\" talks to the Olympic gymnast about the sex assault scandal in U.S.A. Gymnastics."
"\"The Governor\" interviews California Governor Jerry Brown about his lengthy career in politics. \"The Challenger\" profiles Alexey Navalny a popular critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. \"Donald Sutherland\" profiles the famous Canadian actor."
"\"To Big to Prosecute\" investigates why a lenient settlement was made against a drug distributing company in one of the biggest opioid cases in U.S. history. \"An American Terrorist\" talks to a former white supremacist who knows help to get people out of extremism. \"Airlift\" looks at an effort to capture and airlift black rhinos to repopulate the species."
"\"Delivered from Evil\" talks to two clergymen who are fighting to save historic texts from destruction by ISIS in war-torn Iraq. \"Japan's Babe Ruth\" rebroadcasts a segment of celebrated Japanese pitcher Shohei Ohtani. \"Whisky Island\" rebroadcasts a segment on a Scottish Island where some of the world's finest single-malt scotch whiskeys are made."
"\"Disinformation Warfare\" interviews the head of RY the Russian state-owned news network which is accused of spreading disinformation in the United States. \"Predicting Murder\" examines a program in Chicago where police use statistics to help identify and intervene on potential shooters and shooting victims. \"Impact\" examines whether veterans are suffering from the same disease found in NFL players."
"\"Kabul Under Siege\" examines why Kabul is still in danger sixteen years after the start of the war in Afghanistan. \"Element of Truth\" talks to a former director of the Los Alamos Laboratory who has seen the North Korean nuclear weapon program up close. \"Portland\" visits the Oregon city famous for its quirky, liberal citizens."
"\"The Leaning Tower of San Francisco\" rebroadcasts a look at how the Millennium Tower one of the city's most expensive residential high rises is sinking and leaning to one side. \"Le Carre\" rebroadcasts an interview with British author John Le Carr\u00c3\u00a9 who has written several best-selling spy thrillers under the pen name David Cornwell."
"\"Chief of Chobani\" rebroadcast a profile of Hamdi Ulukaya the billionaire behind Chobani yogurt. \"The Rum War\" rebroadcasts a segment looking at the feud behind the two versions of Havana Club Rum. \"The Restaurateur\" rebroadcasts a profile of pioneering restaurateur Danny Meyer."
"\"Showdown\" looks at a controversial law that will allow concealed firearms to be taken across state lines. \"Olympic Cheating\" talks to one of the people behind the Russian doping scandal. \"Senator Gillibrand\" talks to the Senator from New York who is becoming a major figure in the Democratic party."
"\"Secretary Tillerson\" talks to the Secretary of State about North Korean, Syria, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. \"Divided II\" follows Oprah Winfrey as she revisits a group of highly divided voters that she interviewed last year and talks about the first year of Donald Trump's presidency."
"\"War Crime\" looks at video that seems to show a Sarin gas attack against Syrian civilians. \"JR\" talks to the French artist who uses larger than life pictures to showcase the dignity of ordinary people. \"Jennifer Lawrence\" talks to the famous actress about her latest movie."
"\"Human Cargo\" examines how professional smugglers have been smuggling people into the United State illegally. \"Secretary of Education\" talks to controversial Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. \"Treating Trauma\" looks at how social institutions are treating those who have suffered childhood trauma."
"\"The Monuments\" examines the controversy surrounding public monuments to the Confederacy which critics argue are symbols of institutional racism. \"Clones\" examines the cloning of animals and how a South American polo player cloned his favorite pony to create a stable of strong performers."
"\"The Students of Stoneman Douglas\" talks to the survivors of the Parkland school shooting about their efforts to reform gun laws in the United States. \"Heir to the Throne\" interviews the Crown Prince of the ruling family of Saudi Arabia and visits the controversial country."
"\"Stormy Daniels\" features an extended exclusive interview with the adult film actress who claims that she had a relationship with Donald Trump in 2006 and 2007. \"The Greek Freak\" profiles Greek basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo who has just joined the Milwaukee Bucks."
"Mancini's Brain examines brain injuries suffered by combat veterans. Second Act profiles a conductor who is bringing Jews and Muslims together. The Scrolls of Herculaneum looks at efforts to unlock the secrets of an ancient library."
"\"Hacking Democracy\" examines how Russian operatives launched a widespread cyber-attack against state voting systems during the 2016 presidential election. \"The Legacy of Lynching\" looks at a memorial to the thousands of African-Americans that were killed by lynch mobs in the post-Civil War era. \"Harvard Lampoon\" looks at the 142-year-old comedy publication."
"\"Flying Under the Radar\" investigates Allegiant Air a discount airline known for its ultra-low fares and its high record of in-flight problems. \"Pay Up\" examines the gender pay gap in the work place and how a commitment to equal pay requires regular commitment and monitoring."
"\"The Data Miner\" examines the Facebook date leak scandal and interviews the man accused of stealing the data. \"The Future Factory\" looks M.I.T.'s celebrated Media Lab known for its creative innovation. \"For Better or for Worse\" follows an Alzheimer's patient and her caregiver husband for 10 years to document the struggles they face."
"\"Crispr\" examine a new technique that might be able to edit out hereditary diseases in an embryo. \"The Price of Admission\" examines a scholarship program set up by Bill and Melinda Gates that has helped to send 20,000 low-income students to college. \"Seaweed\" takes a look at the potential of seaweed farming."
"\"The Rockford File\" goes to an Illinois town to investigate why prescription drug costs are so high in the United States. 'Orphans of War\" looks at efforts to assist orphans from the conflict in Syria. \"Into the Wild\" profiles wildlife photographer Thomas Mangelsen."
"\"100,000 Women\" examines why over 100,000 women are suing over gynecological mesh medical devices. \"Saving a Generation\" examines how a million children now live with their grandparents because of their parents' opioid addiction. \"Shock Therapy\" looks at the effectiveness of electroconvulsive therapy."
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